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Crimson Card FAQ

Do I need to get the CrimsonCard immediately?

No. Production of the CrimsonCard will begin April 2017 with students, faculty, staff and affiliates who are in need of their initial ID or a replacement ID. A re-carding schedule will be announced and implemented during the Fall 2017 semester to ensure CrimsonCards are issued in an efficient and timely manner.

Will my current ID Card (Jagtag) continue to work?

Yes. The current campus ID (Jagtag) that you are now using will continue to work in all capacities until Summer 2018.

I'm a current Jagtag holder and would like to get the CrimsonCard prior to Fall 2017. Can I do this and if so how? 
Those eager to get the CrimsonCard can do so beginning in April by bringing in their current campus ID (Jagtag), a government-issued photo ID, and 10-digit University ID number to the Campus Card Office located in room 217 of the Campus Center. 

Do I have to pay for the CrimsonCard?

There is no fee to upgrade to the CrimsonCard

Will I have to take a new picture when I get the CrimsonCard?


If I have money on my current ID (Jagtag) will it transfer over to the CrimsonCard?


If I have access assigned to my current ID (Jagtag) will it transfer over to the CrimsonCard?


Will I be able to use the CrimsonCard to make purchases at any IU campus?

Yes, beginning July 1, 2017 patrons will be able to use use their CrimsonCard at all IU Campuses.