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Departmental Copier Cards

Departmental copier/print cards can be purchased through Campus Card Services and may be billed to a University Account. Complete the Copier Card Form and return it to the Campus Card Services office located in the Campus Center, Suite #217 or fax it to 317-274-7761.

Two types of plans are available:

1.) A credit plan provides the convenience of an unlimited amount of copies/prints and all usage is billed to the department on a monthly basis. So pay only for what you use when you use it.

2.) A debit plan provides more control with a set amount (determined by you) and is billed to the requesting department at the time of the request. The amounts on debit cards can be recharged at anytime. Remaining balances on unused debit cards may be reimbursed less a $15 service fee. See terms and conditions for Jagtag accounts.

NOTE: Copier cards can also be used at all print locations.