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How to get your employees a Jagtag

Beginning March 13, 2017, employees and/or their departments are no longer required to pay for the initial Campus ID (Jagtag/CrimsonCard). Once a new employee becomes ‘active’ in the HRMS system, simply come to the Card Services Office, bring a gov’t issued photo ID and the CrimsonCard will be created.

Do you have a new employee in need of a Jagtag? If so, below are the steps to ensure this is a smooth process.

1. Verify the new employee is 'active' in the system by entering their UID# into the "Check Employee Status" page. An 'active' status means their hire e-doc has been submitted and approved. The new employee is now ready to head to step #2.

If the new employee status is returned as 'not active' that usually means their hire e-doc has not been submitted and/or approved. If you are having difficulty with the e-doc status call IUPUI Human Resources at 274-7617 and they can assist you. Please note that once the e-doc has received final approval, it usually takes 24 hours for the employee to appear as 'active' in our system.

2. If your department will be paying for the employee's Jagtag and any accessories, please send the Expense Authorization Form with the employee when they visit the Jagtag Office. If your department is NOT covering the cost of the Jagtag please inform the new employee that there is a fee that will need to be paid.

3. It's now time to send your new employee over to the Jagtag Office to get their Jagtag. They will need to bring a photo ID and the Expense Authorization Form if needed. 


IUPUI Jagtag $0
IUPUI Jagtag with Prox Chip $0
IU School of Medicine Jagtag with Prox Chip   $0
Replacement Card Fee $25
Clip $.50
Retractable Clip $3.00