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Jagtag Training

Do you know all there is to know about Jagtag? And if you do, does everyone in your department know everything there is to know about Jagtag? If you have even the slightest bit of doubt in your mind contact the Jagtag Office and we would be happy to come to you and your department to train everyone on the many products and services the Jagtag Office offers!

Contact: Sarah Gries at or at 278-9677 to set up your training today!

How to get your Jagtag
- What forms do I or an employee need to bring to get a Jagtag?
- Can my department pay for its employees Jagtag's?
- What if my department has a large number of employees or students who need to come and get
  their Jagtag?
- I can check to see if new employees are currently in the system? How can I do that?

Using your Jagtag as payment
- How can I use my Jagtag to buy things?
- There are 3 'plans' you can use to purchase things with your Jagtag! What are they?
- Where can I use my Jagtag as payment?
- Where can I go to see my balance or transaction history?
- What if I lose my Jagtag?

Departmental Guests
- What if I have guests coming to visit my department. Can I purchase "Food Cards" from the Jagtag
  Office to give to our visitors so they can purchase lunch?
- Is it possible to get "Copier Cards" for my guests so they can make copies while on campus?
- Our department has a guest that will be on campus for a while. Can they get a Jagtag?

The Jagtag Office sells what?
- I can buy what at the Jagtag Office? That's awesome!
- What kind of gift cards does the Jagtag Office sell?
- Can my office purchase items from the Jagtag Office for giveaways?
- Rumor has it the Jagtag Office will deliver gift cards right to my office. Is this true?

So what's with these JagPerks?
- I've heard about JagPerks but what is it?
- Where can I see all the companies that give discounts to IUPUI?
- What if I am having a hard time getting a discount. Who can I contact?
- I heard a lot about "JagPerks". Where can I go to see all the different discounts that are offered to