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What is an Affiliate?

A campus affiliate is a person who works on campus or with the University but is not paid by IU as a regular IU employee and is not a registered IUPUI student. Examples of an affiliate would be:

-IU Health Employees
-Visiting Scholars
-Barnes & Noble Employees

How does an Affiliate get a Jagtag?

If you are an affiliate and need a Jagtag, you will need to provide written notification from your department on departmental letterhead stating your University status and need for a Jagtag. Bring in that letter along with a photo ID and your Jagtag will be issued. If your employer will be paying for your Jagtag or any accessories, please bring in the completed Expense Authorization Form. If not, you will be responsible for the cost of your Jagtag and any accessories.  

What benefits do campus Affiliates receive?

Although campus affiliates cannot sign up for Jagtag Deduct program, you can still Make a Deposit into your Jagtag Account and use it for purchase everywhere Jagtag is accepted. Most vendors will allow discounts for campus affiliates when using their Jagtag for payment.

Some Jagperks vendors offer discounts and promotions to campus affiliates too.

Campus affiliates are not eligible to purchase discounted software from Barnes & Noble @ IUPUI.