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What is Jagtag?

Jagtag is the official identification card for IUPUI and recognizes you as an active member of the campus community. Your Jagtag has many functions and features and will be the single most important card you have!

You'll use your Jagtag for access into buildings around campus. As an employee of IUPUI you also receive numerous discounts just for showing your Jagtag. Check out the JagPerks page to see all the different places where you can get discounts!

One of the biggest benefits you receive as an employee is the ability to use your Jagtag for payment. The Jagtag Deduct program allows you to make purchases with your Jagtag and have those purchases come out of your paycheck.

There are two Jagtag Deduct options to choose from! See which one works best for you or choose both! You'll also enjoy discounts from participating vendors just for using your Jagtag for payment.

From hire to retire, Jagtag will be a fundamental part of your everyday campus life, so make sure to always have it with you!

Official ID Card

Payment Card

Discount Card

Access Card