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IndyGo S-Pass

INDYGO Student Bus Pass

IUPUI and IndyGo have partnered to provide
current IUPUI students with an S pass
that allows students to ride any of IndyGo’s 27
fixed routes including the Red Line.

As an IUPUI student, you may purchase an S Pass
for $30 at the Jagtag Office located on the
second floor of the Campus Center. The
S Pass is valid for 31 days beginning with the
first day it is activated.

The partnership between IUPUI and IndyGo was
established to provide students with an
affordable mode of transportation to school, home
and work.  A standard monthly IndyGo pass costs $60. 
IUPUI students can buy the S Pass at a huge discount!
IUPUI S Pass Criteria

The S Pass can only be purchased by current IUPUI students. The cost of the S Pass $30 and it is valid for 31 days from the time it is activated. After 31 days, the student will need to purchase another S Pass. You must present your Jagtag at the time of purchase.

To use the S Pass, IUPUI students will be required to swipe the S Pass in the fare box each time they board IndyGo.  This pass is not valid on any express service, including IndyGo Commuter Expresses or the Greenline Downtown/Airport Express.  The pass may not be used on any Flexible Services including Open Door and Late Night. 

For more information, contact IndyGo Customer Service Center by calling (317) 635-3344 or visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the S Pass?
The S Pass is a discounted IndyGo bus pass available only to current IUPUI students. With the S Pass, you can ride any of IndyGo's 27 fixed routes including the popular Red Line that services the IUPUI campus and downtown (excluding express or flexible service routes).

2. What does the S Pass cost?
The S Pass costs $30 for each 31 day pass - this is a savings of 50% of the cost of a standard IndyGo monthly pass. 

3. When does the S Pass expire?
The S Pass is valid for 31 days from the time it is activated during the first ride. After 31 days, a student needs to buy a new S Pass.

4. Where do I get the S Pass?
S Passes may be purchased in the Jagtag Office on the second floor of the Campus Center. This office is located between the Campus Center Student Health clinic and Mondo Subs.

5. When can I get an S Pass?
Students may purchase an S Pass NOW!

6. Where can I find bus route information?
Bus routes and a trip planner can be found on the IndyGo website at and by clicking the Maps and Schedules tab.

7. What happens if I lose my S Pass before the month is over?
You will have to purchase another S Pass.

8. Why is there now a charge for the S Pass?
For the past four years, IUPUI has partnered with IndyGo to provide free bus passes to all IUPUI students, an initiative that was supported by funds from the mandatory general fee. Allocations of the general fee are recommended by the General Fee Advisory Board and approved by campus administration. Upon review of all of the proposals submitted for the 2012-13 school year, the Board recommended changes to the allocations to better meet the needs of the broadest range of IUPUI students. This change is also consistent with the services available to students at other Indianapolis area universities, where students have always paid for a discounted bus pass. Information on the Advisory Board and their process can be found at