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Would you like to accept Jagtag as a form of payment?

Are you looking for ways to increase your sales and get more exposure? If so, the Jagtag program might be for you!

IUPUI has a target audience of over 35,000 students and employees and the Jagtag program can help your business gain the exposure you need at a reasonable cost!

The Jagtag program offers a great alternative to the conventional ways of advertising, costs much less and provides your business the opportunity to customize your message and promotions to hit right at home with the IUPUI community!

Here's how you can get started:

Step 1 - To learn about the entire program and
how it works, call Sarah Gries at 317-278-9677
or read through the Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2 - Complete the Jagtag Application and
fax it to 317-274-7761 or call Sheri Eggleton at

Step 3 - Once the application has been approved,
a Jagtag representative will contact you. The next
step is signing the contract.

Step 4 - Once the contract has been signed, a
Jagtag representative will contact you to determine
your equipment needs.

Step 5 - We will install the equipment and train
your employees on how to use it.

Step 6 - You are now ready to begin ACCEPTING
JAGTAG as payment!

Jagtag is accepted as payment
at Park Place Apartments!