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Printing at IUPUI

Printing at IUPUI is easy! You can release your print jobs with a simple swipe of your Jagtag. Below is general information about printing on campus. For more information about printing at IUPUI, visit the IU Knowledge Base.

Undergraduate Students

As an undergraduate student at IUPUI, you get a 650 page black and white prints per semester for fall and spring, and 650 pages for both summer sessions combined.

If you exceed your 650 page-print quota, the charge for your print jobs will automatically be deducted from your Jagtag Account so make sure you have funds available.  There are numerous ways to make a deposit to your Jagtag Account so visit Deposit Options from the menu selection.


You can view your print history
at Manage My Jagtag.

    Use your print allocation in these locations:
  • Informatics & Communications Technology Complex (ICTC) 131 (24 hour computer lab)

  • University Library (UL)

  • Business/SPEA (BS) 3000

  • Campus Center (CE) (Theatre level and 2nd floor near the elevators)

  • Education/Social Work (ES) Consortium (Rooms 2116, 2117, 2119, 2121 and 2124)

  • Engineering/Science & Technology (SL)

  • Science Building (LD)

  • Eskenazi Hall (HR)

  • Nursing School (NU)

    Graduate Students

    IUPUI has a pay-for-print policy for graduate students. You'll need to make sure you have money in your regular Jagtag Account to pay for and release your print jobs. Visit Deposit Options to make a deposit.